Monday, September 24, 2007


Over 200,000 March in Burma


Courageous people of Burma, under the leadership of Buddhist monks, began a national strike today. Over 200,000 people, monks, nuns, students, actors, journalists, doctors, housewives, elders, people from all walks of life join in the national strike in Rangoon today and many other cities through out the country.

Please do something if you can. The situation in Burma has reached a boiling point. Yesterday, 200,000 people marched throughout Burma calling for human rights and democracy. The marches were led by Buddhist monks, the most revered people inside Burma. The last time people marched in these numbers the regime gunned down 10,000 peaceful demonstrators. We have received credible news that the regime is ordering some of its soldiers to shave their heads so they can impersonate monks and incite violence, which would be used to justify a crackdown by military troops. Please donate as much as you can today. Donations of $5,000 --- $1,000 -- or $500 are needed:


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