Sunday, July 23, 2006

You might be a transhumanist if…
  • You refer to the Democratic Party as “those damned conservatives”.
  • You follow the fashion tips in Wired.
  • You stay awake for more than 48 hours straight several times a week, because you will not be a slave constrained to your biology, no matter how much it hurts, damn it.
  • You or one of your pets has an RFID implant.
  • You refer to gray goo theory as “sweet”.
  • You have practiced saying, “Please hire me, I am an engineer,” in Chinese, just in case. (请雇用我. 我是工程.)
  • The thing you miss most when camping in the wilderness is the hum of your server and fourteen CPUs in the background.
  • You have an RFID-blocking wallet that you made yourself out of duct tape and aluminum foil.
  • The computer tower you built includes a transgenic fish tank as part of its cooling system.
  • You would sleep with Jude Law’s robot-gigolo character, regardless of your sex.
  • You plan your career around the Singularity.
  • You wonder how Bill Joy went so horribly wrong.
  • You cannot understand the phrase, “Leave well enough alone.”
  • You secretly wish Ray Kurzweil was your father.
  • You sold your car to buy the $1200 DNA-synthesizer on eBay.
  • You don’t mind bio-Luddites; evolution will take care of them eventually.
  • You laugh to yourself while reading this because absolutely none of it is an exaggeration.


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