Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogs are quite possibly the most disgustingly self-indulgent addition to the Information Age; a blogger can vent and write and worry and whine and hope and dream, and anyone with enough time to waste can read it and laugh at or pity the writer. Blogs are a way for a person to feel special and self-important; a way for a lonely person to pretend they have friends. Excellent.

But maybe someday, we won't have to sit here sifting through this text, but will be able to glance at the screen and instantly read and understand. I'm all for technological enhancement -- physical, mental, or otherwise. And that's the core philosophy behind modern wetware hacking, also known as biohacking. There are many fields of biohacking, many directions you can take it. But from neurohacking to genetic engineering to cybernetics to modified cell signaling, there is more potential than anyone now alive can imagine to advance human evolution.


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