Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And our dear President Bush once again shows his support for science in America! It sort of looks like he's going to eat the baby, see? However, we have lovely people over at Hahvahd who are doing all they can to annoy the religious right. Cloning research... now that was unexpectedly soon. (Note: As interesting as that last article is, I find the ads on the page far more hilarious.) Speaking of Bush, we've gotta adore the new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act... with lines like, "'Nothing in this Act shall be construed to limit the constitutional authority of the President to collect intelligence with respect to foreign powers and agents of foreign powers," what's not to trust?

But no matter. It's only our future. Let's focus on far more interesting things, such as a paint-on antenna! Now that is cool. Or how about this miniscule wireless chip? Take that, RFID. The advances in hardware have been remarkable lately. It makes me believe that inevitably there will be a redefinition of Moore's Law, and that "inevitably" will happen very soon. Take crazy advances like getting a vapor deposition reaction to work in a laptop, creating massive increases (terabytes) in disk size. Or how about Intel's silicon laser? That's certainly been torturing people for long enough. Or IBM's use of carbon nanotubes to make transistors? And what about the fact that MRAM now actually exists? It's a dream come true, and might be one of the most significant, and most overlooked, in terms of basic science, of the recent advances. Might the Law of Accelerating Returns be real? Could Ray Kurzweil actually know what he's talking about? Could exponential change really be changing exponentially? Only time will tell. Hopefully not too much time, though...


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