Saturday, July 22, 2006

What is an excellent thing to waste your Saturday on? Trying to modify an HP 550C inkjet printer so that it prints human tissue cells instead of black & color.

You'll need: a printer, empty/sterilized ink cartridges, modified print heads, cells and media, experience in modifying hardware (the printer), software (the printer driver), and wetware (the cells), and a desire to waste many hours on something that will probably not work. As you are already wasting time by being here, I give you little room for excuses.

If I actually get this to work I will post further details. In the meantime, here are further resources if you are interested. Hopefully, you have something fun to do this weekend, like a normal human being, but if not, enjoy... [Organ Printing] [Cell and Organ Printing 1] [Cell and Organ Printing 2]


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