Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wisdom of Gchat

Jata: there is a pile of papers about as tall as i am

Nora: nice

Jata: it frightens me

Nora: wait seriously? you have to take a picture

Nora: like a dogbert cartoon

Jata: yeah, it's... bad

Nora: no no

its epic

Jata: no, because it is all work i have not done yet

Nora: just think of the epic-ness

its all that matters

in the end

Jata: yeah, epic in the way hector facing achilleus was epic. awesome story, didn't work out so well for hector.

Nora: well achilleus didnt turn out so hot either

all you have to do is find your homework's acchille's heel

Jata: that'll do it.

logically, i have to die first. then it will be dragged in its death from the back of a horse... oh wait, that's ME.

(however, zeus did protect the body from defacement... hmmm)

(zeus? a little help here?)

Nora: he will rape you in animal form * whinnies from on high *

Jata: oh god

i prefer jesus

not that way zomg gah eww im sorry jesus im sorry forgive me?

Nora: * squeals *

imagine if jesus took on animal forms

Jata: and raped people?

Nora: no. but only humble, desert animals

like kangaroo rats

or armadillos

Jata: wow... that is so... i dont even know what to say

Nora: jesus snuffling in the sand

curling up in a little ball

whimpering slightly in the shadow of a cactus


Jata: aww

::pets jesus::

Nora: jesus's hard, armadillo shell

a grub clinging to his tiny armadillo teeth

fear gods wrath...

Jata: armadillos = cute. armadillos that produce wine = profit.
Nora: omg that's our next project!
Jata: field trip! imagine if we find jesus the wine-making armadillo. we'd have a profitable prophet on our hands


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