Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accidental Suicide

Today, at approximately 4:31am, I "accidentally" killed Vista and was "forced" to reinstall Ubuntu. Windows failed to include a boot disk in their lovely package of coasters, so I'm "stuck" without it for now. While it seems strange, now that it's happening, for anyone to complain about not having Vista, my malaise stems from the fact that I didn't mean to wipe my hard drive; I didn't mean to free myself from the debacle that is Vista -- it was an accident. It was actually an accident. Somehow, despite knowing that nuking a drive takes at least two hours when you're trying to do it, despite the fact that I know how to use computers, I managed to destroy my primary operating system. This is due, I am ashamed to confess, to the fact that I have far more balls and far fewer brains when I am severely sleep-deprived. It was a tragic... accident. Note to self: when skating on the edge of creation and destruction thrills you more than usual, turn the machine off.

On the brighter side, I'm now forced, against all better judgment, to delve into the depths of Ubuntu, something I'm sorry to say I haven't done in almost half a month. There was something almost too satisfying, something too good to be true about Vista, it just... couldn't last. Too bad it's GONE! GONE HAHAHA YES GONE GONE HAHAHAHA. I'm here, again, my darling penguins. I've returned home.


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