Sunday, August 13, 2006

The FDA and NIH are corrupt government agencies just like the rest of them. We need to demand largescale microarray diagnostics within the next year. The technology is there, my lab alone could crank it out in a month, if it were allowed to. It's relatively easy. But no, HMOs like money, and therefore do not allow these life-saving biochips to make their way onto the market. And I suppose with unprecedented abilities to diagnose genetic disorders, risk factors, plus any viral, fungal, or bacterial pathogen we have ever sequenced, Dr House would be out of a job. So naturally, this is a good reason to let people die. The logic is flawless. We need to make this technology so accurate and cost-efficient that they can't ignore it anymore. This is a call to anyone with access to a lab, anyone with access to a computer, anyone who knows or wants to know anything about genetics, oligonucleotide synthesis, bioinformatics, diagnostics, or medicine. This is a call to all wanna-be scientists who aren't too enchanted by the idea of impressing the wrong people to realize the real reason we are in this field: to make discoveries, to help humanity. Make this technology so good, that there is no alternative. Well, what are you waiting for? Start the revolution...


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