Sunday, July 08, 2007

Things I Learned from Die Hard 4:

- In the future, we will have biological transistors that allow us to download an entire server onto a PDA. And by future, I mean now.
- Palms, Treos, and Sidekicks are all you need to hack into NSA and save the world. As long as you don't get shot. (No iPhone necessary.)
- A bullet in the kneecap doesn't really impair your ability to walk.
- Contrary to the work we do in the lab, BioWatch sensors actually react instantly, setting off big red alarms within moments. I've gotta tell Slezak about this on Monday; at this point he's just wasting his time.
- Move over, Chuck Norris. Bruce Willis cannot die.

The sequence is that of a gene on chromosome 6p22, involved in neuronal migration and intelligence in humans. If you're interested in being on Chicago's SynBio team next year, contact me.

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