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Entire CIA MKULTRA Collection (Source: The Black Vault)


Project MKULTRA (also known as MK-ULTRA) was the code name for a CIA mind-control research program that began in the 1950s.[1][2] There is much published evidence that the project involved the use of many types of drugs to manipulate peoples' mental state and to alter brain function.[3]

It was first brought to wide public attention by the U.S. Congress (in the form of the Church Committee) and a presidential commission (known as the Rockefeller Commission) (see Revelation below) and also to the U.S. Senate.

On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said:

The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens 'at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign.' Several of these tests involved the administration of LSD to 'unwitting subjects in social situations.' At least one death, that of Dr. Olson, resulted from these activities. The Agency itself acknowledged that these tests made little scientific sense. The agents doing the monitoring were not qualified scientific observers.[4]"



The following directories contain .tif images of the released MKULTRA documents, and two other files. The .txt file is a poor excuse for a OCR (optical character recognition) of the document, which means they put the documents through a software title to make it text. You will see these are usually useless, because the process does not work on poorly photocopies documents. The .dat file in these directories is the one line description, as found in the index.

Please Note: If you need a FREE .TIF viewer - you can download Brava!® Reader. Brava!® Reader is a free application that opens, views, and prints TIFF files.

  1. MKULTRA CIA Document Index - Start here! This will list the contents of the following links, which are the documents on the CD-ROMs. Or, you can just start browsing the CD's below - it's up to you!
  2. CD-ROM #1: ( DOC_0000017481 - DOC_0000149499 | DOC_0000149500 - DOC_0000197284 )
  3. CD-ROM #2 ( DOC_0000017352 - DOC_0000017437 )
  4. CD-ROM #3 ( DOC_0000017392 - DOC_0000148094 )
  5. Discuss MKULTRA documents

Mind Control

  1. Communist Control Techniques [123 Pages]
  2. Parapsychology in Intelligence [12 Pages]
  3. Project MKUltra, The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification [172 Pages]

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