Friday, December 22, 2006

The Chicago ONE Campaign is a group for people in the Chicago area who are interested in leaning about and getting more involved with ONE:The Campaign to Make Poverty History. We are building a network of grassroots activist to rally Americans ONE by ONE to fight extreme poverty, hunger and HIV/AIDS.

The goal of the ONE Campaign is to get an additional ONE percent of the U.S.federal budget for poverty-focused development assistance programs.We want to help meet the Millennium Development Goal of cutting global poverty in half by 2015.

Click here to join onechicago2006
Click to join onechicago2006


At 10:17:00 PM , Anonymous Scott Hughes said...

Thanks for this post. The ONE campaign is global, having groups such as the one above all over the world. I like the ONE campaign, except that I don't think it makes sense to appeal to governments for funding, because governments don't care about our problems. Plus, governments steal any money they do give through taxation.

Scott Hughes
Hunger & Poverty Blog


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