Sunday, February 11, 2007

First quantum computing system running commercial applications live to be unveiled, Feb. 8, 2007

D-Wave Systems, Inc. plans to demonstrate a technological first on Feb. 13: an end-to-end quantum computing system powered by a 16-qubit quantum processor, running two commercial applications, live.

This is the core of a new quantum computer to be unveiled by D-Wave Systems, says Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a leading venture-capital firm. "It is attached to a Leiden Cryogenics dilution fridge, ready to begin a cool down to 0.005 degrees above absolute zero. This quantum computer employs the resources of 65,536 parallel universes to compute answers in a fundamentally new way."

D-Wave claims it is the world's first and only provider of quantum computing systems designed to run commercial applications. The event will be hosted in Silicon Valley and Vancouver, B.C.

What exactly does it mean to 'employ the resources of 65,536 parallel universes'? Does this sound sketchy to anyone? I guess we'll see what happens on Tuesday...


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